Keep It Up Minute To Win It Game

SA Minute To Win It

Please note that the descriptions for the various games are general descriptions and the facilitator may alter the game on the day to suit the particular group.

Keep your head up, eyes open, and a steady stream of air coming through your mouth as you attempt to keep two feathers airborne for a full sixty seconds. The game’s premise is deceptively simple. This is a really difficult game to complete. Try to synchronize the feathers so that they’re not both coming at you at the same time, and don’t blow so hard that you’ll be gasping for breath after fifteen seconds have passed.

The only equipment you really need in order to play this game is a couple of feathers. If you wish, you can also mark out a play zone using duct tape or masking tape, or, if you’re playing outdoors, use chalk. Make the play zone large enough to allow some moving room but small enough to keep things challenging.