Minute To Win It Games

The following are some of the fun Minute To Win It games that we facilitate. Find out more about games such as This Blows, Dizzy Mummy, Face the Cookie, Separation Anxiety and many more. Please note that the descriptions for the various games are general descriptions and the facilitator may alter the game on the day to suit the particular group.

Back Flip

Back Flip Minute To Win It GameIn Back Flip the contestants flip pairs of pencils balanced on the back of the hand in the air and catch them with that same hand, increasing by two pencils with each attempt. Starting off with 2 and ending with 12, completing all 6 catches in within a minute. All that is required for this Minute To Win It Game is 12 pencils and a flat surface. The game starts by using the opposite hand, placing the first 2 pencils on the back of your flipping/catching hand… read more

Bouncer Minute To Win It GameThe aim of Bouncer is to end up with one ping pong ball in each of 20 glasses. The game is played in pairs, but each person needs to get 10 ping pong balls balls in 10 glasses. Equipment required for this game is 20 glasses, lots of ping pong balls and a flat surface. The team starts off with 20 pint glasses placed in a row on a table. Each person gets 10 ping pong balls…. read more

Dizzy Mummy 

In Dizzy Mummy theDizzy Mummy Minute To Win It Game contestants have to wind an entire roll of toilet paper around their bodies by executing 360-degree spins. The contestants must keep both fists closed throughout the sixty second period. All you need for this game is a standard-sized roll of toilet paper. The game starts with the contestant standing with both arms outstretched to the sides… read more

Elephant March

Elephant March Minute To Win It GameIn Elephant March, contestants wear pantyhose on their heads weighted down by a ball. The object of the challenge is to knock over water all the water bottles. The water bottles are placed on either side of the participant. Swinging from left to right, and using the ‘Trunk’ to knock down the water bottles. This hilarious Minute To Win It activity is certain to produce many laughs…. read more

Face The Cookie

SA Minute To Win It Games - Face The Cookie

Face the Cookie is definitely the most entertaining Minute to Win It challenge. The team member sits in a chair with a certain amount of cookies beside them. They need to place a cookie in the center of their forehead while leaning back. When the one-minute timer begins, the team member must move two cookies from the forehead to their mouths by using only their facial muscles….. read more

Keep It Up

SA Minute To Win It _ Keep It Up

Keep your head up, eyes open, and a steady stream of air coming through your mouth as you attempt to keep two feathers airborne for a full sixty seconds. The game’s premise is deceptively simple. This is a really difficult game to complete. Try to synchronize the feathers so that they’re not both coming at you at the same time, and don’t blow so hard that you’ll be gasping for breath after fifteen seconds have passed…… read more

Movin’ On Up

SA Minute To Win It - Movin' On Up

If you are familiar with Minute To Win It, you may have seen the game Movin’ On Up. The goal is to cycle through 40 cups within on minute. The red cup is used as the marker. The participant needs to move one cup from the bottom of the stack and move it to the top using one hand. The process is repeated, but this time with the other hand…… read more

Noodling Around

SA Minute To Win It - Noodling Around

Noodling Around requires the participants to collect a number of dry noodles using a piece of dry spaghetti controlled only by their mouths. The six noodles need to be gathered on the piece of spaghetti within on minute to complete this challenge. Remember, no hands allowed, participants can keep their hands behind their backs….. read more

The Nutstacker

SA Minute To Win It - The Nutstacker

The Nutstacker Minute To Win It Game is easy to set up, and the rules are simple, but don’t let that fool you. This challenge can be quite tricky. The goal of The Nutstacker is to create a free-standing tower of metal nuts, by stacking them one on top of the other with one hand holding a chopstick….. read more


Penny Hose

SA Minute to Win It - Penny Hose

The Minute To Win It Game of Penny Hose is simple. Fish two two pennies from of a pair of pantyhose. The pennies are placed at the bottom of each leg. The catch here is that you can only use your hands, and one hand must be working each hose leg simultaneously. The player stands near the table or the spot on the floor where the pantyhose are waiting for him or her…. read more

Rapid Fire

The Rapid Fire Minute Game requires the participant to knock down 6 soda cans or plastic cups stacked in a pyramid form in front of them using rubber bands. All you need for this game is 6 empty soda cans or plastic cups and a bunch of elastic rubber bands. The cans are placed in a 3-2-1 pyramid and when the timer starts, the contestant has 1 minute to knock them all over but shooting the rubber bands at them…. read more

Ready Spaghetti

This SA Minute To Win It Game is played by 2 participants. The challenge is to move empty soda cans using only dry spaghetti noodles and their mouths. This sounds very odd, but it is extremely fun. The goal of Ready Spaghetti is to move the pyramid of soda cans from one table to another and create another small pyramid with the cans…… read more

Separation Anxiety

SA Minute To Win It - Separation Anxiety

The aim of this challenge is to take a pile of 50 items and sort them by color. The trick here is that you can only use 1 hand, and the items must be sorted 1 at a time according to their colors within one minute. Before the game starts, stand facing the table with the covered pile of items in front of you. To win the game, sort all 50 items into their proper containers in 1 minute or less…. read more

This Blows

SA Minute To Win It - This Blows

This game is simple. The team member must inflate a standard balloon, then release the air in a controlled fashion to blow 15 cups off a table. The team member stands facing the table and when the one-minute timer starts, they grab the balloon and blow it up, turn the open end of the balloon towards the cups and expel the air, with the goal of pushing the cups off the table….. read more


SA Minute To Win It - Tilt A Cup

This is one of the more trickier challenges from SA Minute To Win It, which also gets trickier as to progress into the challenge. This challenge requires perfect balance. The goal of Tilt-A-Cup is to create a tower of alternating plastic cups and ping pong balls in your hand, by bouncing the ping pong balls and catching them in the cups. Make a wobbly tower of balls and cups in under a minute…. read more